So you want to travel to Australia? Don’t know where to start?

February 23, 2017

Well you’re in the right place!

We are taking you on a virtual version of one of our 10 Self Guided Tours to give you a taste of the beautiful country (Australia!), and all that you can see and do when you have a little friend in the know (us)!

For those who have just joined our tour, we are enjoying Tour 1: Australia 101. We have started out in Sydney  and have explored the sights and sounds of the city and dipped our toes into the water on the coast. Now it’s time to head to the mountains, to a place fit for Royals!

To prepare for your visit, you’ll need your copy of 10 Self Guided Tours eBook which can be downloaded into your Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows or other devices so you can have easy access to all of the information, links and maps.

One of the advantages of 10 Self Guided Tours is that you can customise your tour to suit your needs and here at the Blue Mountains you will find a wide variety of choices!

For those who want to relax and soak up the atmosphere of Australia’s first tourist destination you can browse the antique, gift and speciality shops in beautiful Leura, while others can join rock climbing, canyoning or hiking tours or if you are a bit of a foodie you can enjoy some of the wineries and local cuisine!

If this has got your excited about planning your vacation Down Under then download your copy of 10 Self Guided Tours eBook and read all of the information for yourself!

Join us next week as we continue our tour…

Photo: VisitNSW

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