Welcome to our first virtual tour down under! Australia 101

February 7, 2017

Welcome to our first virtual tour down under! 

So, you’ve downloaded your copy of 10 Self Guided Tours eBook and read all of the handy information including flight schedules, entry requirements, when to travel and what to pack… it’s just like getting travel advice from a friend!  

You’ve booked accommodation based on our suggestions and budget guide and read all the tips about things to plan ahead for (want to catch a special show at the Sydney Opera House? or get tickets to a sporting event? best to book early!)

Now you’re ready to go! 

We are starting with Tour 1: Australia 101… this tour is suitable for EVERYONE and ANYONE who wants to hit all of the hot spots and take all of the postcard perfect photos (that will make all of your friends envious!)

You arrive in Sydney, Australia and want to do some exploring around town on your first day…. We recommend comfortable walking shoes and your 10 Self Guided Tours eBook which can be downloaded into your Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows or other devices so you can have easy access to all of the information, links and maps.

You can attend a walking tour, scope out some of the local hot spots, follow our easy to read directions and find THE VIEW you traveled for, or take our locals advice and jump onboard for the most cost effective Sydney Harbour tour!

After a big day of travelling and scoping out the city, choose from the dinner options ($ too easy, $$ interesting, $$$ money is no object)

If this has got your excited about planning your vacation Down Under then download your copy of 10 Self Guided Tours eBook and read all of the information for yourself!

Join us next week as we continue our tour…



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