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Nov 30 2015

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New Travel Guide to Australia

Nov 29 2015

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Australia is one of the world’s top 5 luxury travel destinations

Nov 28 2015

Australia has made the list of the world’s five best nations for luxury travel, ranking just behind Italy, France, South Africa and Mexico in an annual survey of where the well-heeled are heading on vacation.

The 2016 Virtuoso Luxe Report, an industry trend forecaster compiled by the $14 billion Virtuoso travel network, also put New Zealand in the top 5 places for adventure travel, with the lifting of US sanctions on Cuba turning the communist Caribbean nation into the hot new travel destination. A trend towards heading to untouched and unique places also putting Bhutan and Myanmar high on the lists, along with Bjork’s birthplace, Iceland, and at the other end of the planet, Antarctica hitting the top 5 for the first time.

Sydney weather: Beaches to offer best place to beat a return of heat

Nov 27 2015

The beaches will be the place to head to as Sydney’s last major burst of heat for spring moves through the city, sending temperatures into the high 30s and triggering a total fire ban..

Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 26 2015

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50 Things to Do in Western Australia

Nov 25 2015

Go west my friends, go WEST.
Because if you only visit the east coast of Australia you’re missing out on some of the best landscapes, beaches, food and wine experiences our country has to offer – not to mention sunsets that will blow your mind!

Melbourne voted as the number one capital city to visit next year

Nov 24 2015

In 2016, Melbourne will continue to be ‘Australia’s favourite capital city’, being voted as the number one capital city to visit next year, followed by Perth and Hobart.

Sydney doesn’t make an appearance on the list until number five, and poor old Canberra wins the wooden spoon in eighth spot.

Australia’s top voted capital cities to visit in 2016:

1. Melbourne
2. Perth
3. Hobart
4. Darwin
5. Sydney
6. Brisbane
7. Adelaide
8. Canberra


Nov 23 2015

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Australia’s Silver Lining: Weak Currency is Good for Tourism

Nov 22 2015

More people are traveling to Australia for one simple reason: their money goes further Down Under. The Australian Dollar has been dropping in value for more than a year now. Americans traveling to Australia can buy AU$1 for about US$0.71. Aussie bills are likewise cheap for Pound-carrying travelers.
It doesn’t take much mathematical skill to see that Australia is struggling. However, no one in the tourism industry is complaining. In fact, business is booming in most travel-related sectors.
Everyone wants to take advantage of the exchange rate
Americans and Europeans are coming in greater numbers and, after aggressive promotional campaigns, more Indian and East Asian tourists are arriving as well. The fact that their money will go further is not lost on these incoming travelers. Flights are obviously the biggest expense, especially for Europeans and Americans. However, they also benefit the most from the current exchange rates once they arrive. Asian travelers have access to cheaper, shorter flights, but they don’t do quite as well as Western travelers when they get to the forex counter.

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Nov 21 2015

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